The Fortrec Group is an independent, privately-held holding company with multiple awards and honours from the local and global business community. Established since 1999 and headquartered in Singapore, the Group has a global presence with a strong Asian footprint.

The Group comprise two major businesses amongst several business entities. Fortrec Capital Pte Ltd is the asset and investment arm of the Group. It was founded in 2006 to acquire and manage equity positions in strategic assets. Combined, these acquisitions and investments have positioned the Group at the forefront of the global petrochemicals business by synergising the Group's production and trading businesses and enabling it to trade around its assets.

At its core, Fortrec Chemicals & Petroleum Pte Ltd is the bedrock of the Fortrec Group as a commodity trading company, approaching a 25 year track-record in trading petrochemicals and petroleum products.

Ultimately, the Group is about Partners not Products; and we actively engage businesses globally in growing partnerships before products to create and seek new strategic investment opportunities in the petrochemicals and petroleum industry.

Our Expertise

At Fortrec we analyze all parts of the product lifecycle in order to drive efficiency and mutual benefit, bringing investors and new partners together to create original solutions.
We work within a frame but our eyes are always on the big picture.