Our Expertise

At Fortrec we analyze all parts of the product lifecycle in order to drive efficiency and mutual benefit,
bringing investors and new partners together to create original solutions.

We work within a frame but our eyes are always on the big picture.


Identifying and addressing the unique pricing requirements of our partners is essential to better facilitate the trade of goods across the globe. We address these pricing mismatches by using financial tools such as hedging, be it currency or commodity, options, or other financial instruments. 

Raw Materials Sourcing

Raw materials to some, finished goods to others! Our global footprint reaches from Middle East to Europe, from US to Asia and we are committed to address the growing needs of our partners by providing security of raw material supply and cost-effective petroleum and petrochemical products.

Advanced Logistics

Complex tasks require simple and cost-effective supply chain solutions. Our innovative way to bring best priced products where and when needed creates significant benefits for our partners. The strong relationships we have built with ship-owners, ship brokers and logistics providers enable us to provide the most cost-efficient and profitable solutions to our partners at all times.


Through our sales and distribution arm we craft solutions and create opportunities for our partners by connecting them to new markets and enabling fast movement in commodities.


Engineering involves providing high quality solutions for our partners to address limitations and issues related to production processes in chemical plants. This includes solutions in the form of Asset Utilization and Asset Enhancement. Under these areas we assist our partners to address production limitations and optimization of underutilized assets.