Asset Utilization Program (AUP)

Business Strategy Research has shown that many plants in Asia only operate at an average of 70% of their capacity. Fortrec will identify any free asset a potential partner may have that has potential production capability and implement tailor-made solutions to increase efficiency of these production units. These may include under-utilised production facilities. Based on past experience, most of our partners will achieve close to 100% efficiency within a short span of time.

We provide assistance not solely on technical aspects, but also in financing, raw material supply and even marketing. We also have channels that can assist in sourcing and delivering chemicals constituent to the processing of the main product, i.e. reagents, catalyst and stabilisers.

One of our successful partnerships began with Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) in Indonesia. It has since extended across the region with great success. These partnerships remain strong as we continue to expand our clients’ businesses through our Asset Enhancement Programmes.